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Do you want to reach a broader audience?
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Define your marketing goals, Sbam will help you along the path.

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Plan your strategy, analyze results and improve performance

Choose your goal

Are you trying to find new potential customers, or to retain your current audience?

Find the right KPI for each marketing process you might want to improve, and just focus on the actions that will get it done.

Pick your next goal within these categories:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Audience interaction
  3. Conversion
Monitor the interactions
on your social accounts
Your communication becomes a weapon

Choose the type of content you wish to monitor, and define an achievable KPI.

Sbam will verify your progress, suggesting you how to improve your current performance.

Keep your data always updated

Get a daily overview of your brand activity, avoid the end-of-month reporting.

Succeed in your goals and improve your content!

Improve your
conversion rate

Unleash your creativity, don’t worry about a thing

Start saving time


Check the performance of your posts and integrate content analysis into your strategy.

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Create reports in seconds: select the most relevant metrics and share with your customer.

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Analyze your brand in a complete and organized way through data and graphs.

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