Integrate content analysis into your strategy

Stop guessing what your audience wants.

Sbam offers companies, agencies and marketing professionals the tool to understand the performance of their content, demonstrate their value and evaluate how inbound traffic is generated on your website.

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You will immediately have a data history available

The more time you use Sbam
the more data will be available


Plan new content marketing activities.

Analyze your harvest history or improve your ads almost in real time

There is always time to improve

Watch content behavior over time to prove your success and make changes.

Here’s what you can boost up

Organic Posts

Historical data for stories

Video Details

Content segments

How are your posts doing?
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Why do content analysis
(and not rely on chance)

So you invested your budget in a promotional campaign, or you spent some time producing your content, but how did it go? Could you do better?

Only by analyzing the results achieved can you understand if your content strategy has been effective or if you could have optimized time and money.

  • Make smarter decisions
  • Act on immediate insights or historical analysis
  • Measure your success in content marketing
  • Optimize and plan future campaigns
Explore the advanced tool:
Content segmentation

Thanks to segments you can check the effectiveness of your columns and campaigns, focusing the analysis on a small group of contents.

You can analyze the results of the contents by grouping them by a certain hashtag used, types of content, campaign, date of publication and for everything that comes to mind!

Start segmenting your content

Unleash your creativity,don’t worry about a thing

Start saving time


Create reports in seconds: select the most relevant metrics and share with your customer.

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Analyze your brand in a complete and organized way through data and graphs.

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Define your marketing objectives, Sbam shortens the distance from your goal.

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